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From Turkey to Australia


At the end of 2021, a procurement manager from Orora Beverage in Australia contacted us about a coating line that we offered on our website. Orora Beverage provides sustainable packaging solutions for the beverage industry. They specialise in aluminium cans, glass bottles and closures, with manufacturing sites across Australia and New Zealand.

During our discussions, it became clear that they were also interested in a 4-colour offset printing press, which was available from our stock. This machine from KBA was located at the factory site of one of our customers in Turkey.

In March of this year, I travelled to the east of Turkey with two representatives from Orora for an inspection. The contact was very pleasant and after a few months of negotiations (the contract value was over one million euros) we reached an agreement and closed the deal at the end of June. In the second half of this year, we will be involved in the whole process of dismantling, shipping and installation at the Orora facility in Australia.

Being active in the can making industry for more than 30 years, this is definitely a deal I will remember as being very special. Not because of the machine or the project value, but because of the friendly people I met.

Tjakko Cazander
Tjakko Cazander

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